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In a galaxy not so far away, we created a STELLAR color trend book that boldly displays 49 different U.S. Paint color options. U.S. Paint was in need of a SALES TOOL that showcased their vibrant aluminum paint swatches, so we designed 13 unique paint categories that are OUT OF THIS WORLD. We used bright colors, eye-catching graphic design elements, and CAPTIVATING COPYWRITING to create a compact, portable color book that customers can easily browse through. The color trend book allows U.S. Paint to bring the WONDER OF SPACE to their customers with the vibrant colors of the galaxies.

Creative Graphic Design



St. Louis, MO


Our marketing team was given full creative control over the look, theme, and copywriting of the color book. We created a design that is both FUNCTIONAL and intriguing to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and specialty paint shops. The TABLE OF CONTENTS makes it easy to flip to specific categories. The bold colors and creative design elements present grouped swatches that compliment the natural colors of the universe. Each section includes the U.S. Paint logo displayed somewhere on the page so customers are reminded of BRAND AWARENESS while they select their paint options. We designed the color trend book to be customer-focused while proudly displaying U.S. Paint products.

U.S. Paint

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