elevated dining experience

We partnered with Quincy’s own Tiramisu restaurant to help them appeal to their guests’ emotions and empty stomachs. For Tiramisu, food is their passion and their core offering. For that reason, they had a very clear goal for the photography session with Vervocity … to sell and promote their homemade, authentic Italian dishes. Together we also wanted to convey an elevated dining experience and boost social media engagement through creative imagery.

attract new guests



Quincy, IL


Deciding what you want to convey through your photography and how to achieve that may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, our photographer is more than happy to take over the logistics of the creative process. We made a plan and set up tables with patrons and captured photos of Tiramisu dishes, wines, employees, and the restaurant itself. Our photographer expertly concentrated on composition, angles, lighting, color, and other design elements throughout the shoot. Our photoshoot was non-invasive and allowed the restaurant staff to go on with their daily business as we slipped in where necessary and captured lively images that really show personality and professionalism. With these photos, we’ll easily attract new guests through all of Tiramisu’s social media channels.


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