Quincy Public Schools serves students kindergarten through 12th grade in Quincy, Illinois. When they contacted Vervocity, they were in need of promotional materials and professional photography for all the new QPS  school facilities. Part of the ultimate goal became showcasing their completed new-build projects and building their online marketing efforts. Construction projects across the city of Quincy were completed in recent years for multiple elementary schools, and they sought to document their completion. We were ready to go out and create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere with the best in professional-grade cameras to result in stunning architectural photographs.




Quincy, IL


You give up a lot of control when shooting the outside of a building. The challenge with creating high-quality architectural images is knowing when and when NOT to shoot a certain structure. You’re at the mercy of the building’s design, the location, the shadows, and the weather. In some forms of photography, you can control the environment to get the right shot, but with most architectural subjects, it’s all about your ability to adapt. That’s where we come in! We created an on-brand, company-specific still library that freed up QPS from the predictability of stock images. We enabled them to solidify their unique brand identity and allowed them to stay relevant and competitive in the fast-changing online environment. If you want to have a fun experience with a photographer that wants to give you the absolute best photos to grow your business, give us a call.

Quincy Public Schools

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