At Vervocity, we don’t just take pictures; WE TELL STORIES. Quincy Exact Solutions specializes in contract packaging, and many of their services are behind the scenes. Our professional photographer went ON-SITE in Pontiac, IL, to create a visual narrative of their dedicated workforce and state-of-the-art equipment.

Quincy Exact Solutions knows the value of their team, and they wanted to show their customers who they are and what they do. By following the staff’s daily hustle, we captured candid moments of their dedication and hard work. Each photograph reflects the professionalism of their processes and creates a PERSONAL CONNECTION with customers by adding faces to the services they provide.




Pontiac, IL


When we photographed Quincy Exact Solutions, we did more than observe. Our photographer became a PARTNER in showcasing their brand narrative. Through his lens, he documented the STAFF AND EQUIPMENT IN ACTION, their well-organized warehouse space, and rows of finished packaged products. The end result is a compelling VISUAL TOOLKIT that QES can use for multiple marketing materials (including their website).

Professional photography helps businesses establish cohesive and visually-engaging brand strategies. We truly believe that each shot can tell a story, EVOKE EMOTION, and present brands in the BEST POSSIBLE LIGHT—quite literally. Quincy Exact Solutions now has the visual assets to showcase their business effectively and engagingly.

Quincy Exact Solutions

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