Does your website design have an effective call to action (CTA)? A CTA is a piece of content or a request intended to induce a viewer or reader to perform a specific act. That act might be for them to call you for more information, to send an email, to fill out a form, to make a purchase, or to take some other next step.

It is up to you to tell people what their next step is. Never assume that someone who visits your website knows what to do next. Website visitors are impatient, so make it easy for them.

With a CTA, you will be guiding your visitors through the buying journey. In the Awareness Stage, use CTAs that offer more information on a topic of interest. In this stage, use action phrases like “Subscribe To,” “Follow Us,” and “See Examples.” Once your buyer has identified their problem, they’re ready for meaty offers like webinars and white papers. Ask them to sign up right away. Finally, the buyer will be ready for a decision. In the Decision Stage, offer free trials, coupons, demos, and estimates.

Does your website have an effective call to action? Does it guide your visitors through your website and ultimately to your call to action? What is the main goal of your website? Is it to generate more leads, get the visitor to purchase something, or for them to request more information? What does your website do to guide the visitor to meet that goal? Vervocity can help you answer these questions and put a CTA plan together to meet your needs.

Together we’ll discuss CTA basics like language, placement, mobilization, urgency, A/B testing, and much more. We’ll give you the power to customize each CTA and create a creative online presence. Call us at (217) 222-1451 to begin laying plans right away!