It shouldn’t come as a HUGE surprise that your homepage is, by far, the most important page on your site.

What might not be as glaringly obvious is the page we consider to be your site’s SECOND most important: your FAQ page.

Consider this: How many times are your employees answering the same questions over and over? Repetitive phone calls and e-mails eat up valuable time throughout the day; time that could be better spent on growing your business.

When customers visit your website, they’re predominately looking to either complete an action or gather the information necessary to complete an action. For those in the former group, your homepage should make their process as simple as possible (“buy this”, “sign up for this”, “login to this”, etc.), For those in the latter group, satisfying their needs might be a bit more difficult.

For this reason, a thorough FAQ page is key. Let your site visitors access the information they’re needing quickly and easily without a lot of digging around your website design.

Mind you, a great FAQ page is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” type of page. It should be a living, breathing, regularly updated piece of content for your site. Get buy-in from all departments and outline your FAQ in a clean, organized fashion. And make sure your answers are concise, yet informative. Several blocks of scannable text will go a long way in keeping your customers (and potential customers) happy as well as free up valuable time and energy for you and your employees.