There are free tools available online to help you convey a message for your business or company. You don’t have to be a Photoshop wizard or buy expensive software to spice up your visual marketing.

If you’re sharing photos and text all day every day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, it’s time to branch out. Variety is key to keeping your followers’ attention. One way to do that is to create fun graphics and work them in a couple times a week.

Canva is a free online tool that lets you put photos, clip art, text, and more together for a quick graphic. It has pre-sized templates specifically for each use no matter if you’re posting to Instagram, needing a new Facebook cover photo, or creating a general Facebook post.

Canva also provides many different free stock photos and templates for you to choose from! Look through their examples and get inspired. When you’ve found one you like, just customize the text and pop your own photo in to finish crafting.

Even better yet, Canva now has an app for iPhone, so you can get to creating graphics from your phone on the go! The drag and drop features are easy to navigate and the app does everything the website can do.

Piktochart is another option that can help you convey statistics and infographics for free. If you haven’t used an infographic to make a flyer for clients, you don’t know what you’re missing! Infographics are a very visual way to convey often confusing or monotonous details that can be lost in paragraph form.

Pick from Piktochart-provided templates to make your flyers or graphics for social media use. You can even start from scratch and place your own photos and text on the page. Show your personality by getting colorful and graphic, target three or four statistics, give it a header and a footer with your branding, and export the document for easy use.

The key takeaway here is that free resources can jumpstart your creativity and make marketing fun. Get out there and play!