Slapping little bits of incomplete or unprofessional content on a page is no way to create content for your website. Content is king, so let’s treat it that way!

With so much competition out there on the web, it should be your goal to invest in your development to ensure your content is interesting and well-written. It’s time to look at the big picture so the reader experience comes first. Here are our five favorite content writing tips for your website design.

Keep pages on the topic

Really narrow each page down to address specific keywords or keyword phrases that would bring searchers to the page. This is a Search Engine Optimization technique that assures organic web traffic. If you have a page about wedding videos, really talk about your keyword phrase “wedding videos”. Use the phrase in the first sentence of your content and mention it where necessary throughout the page without overusing it. Don’t be distracted by photography on this page and don’t go into detail about any other services. Each service should have its own page where you concentrate on a specific keyword.

Keep readers on the page

Eighty percent of readers won’t finish your blog or article. Let’s face it. People tend to skim down the page. Some even go straight to your conclusion from the start. Help them stay on the page longer by keeping your paragraphs tightly written and split ideas with headlines. These headlines are easy to read because they are larger font size than the rest of your copy.

Clearly state your point in the first paragraph and restate it in the final paragraph. Use bullet lists anywhere in between where you can help drive the point of the article home. This means you’ll hit readers who fizzle early and those that skip around.

Write more

There are two takeaways here. The first is that fresh content is critical for frequent indexing by search engines. More content on the page will also help search engines see you as an authority on your subject matter. The second is that adding content to your website regularly will feed your audience and keep them coming back regularly. It will also lower your bounce rate or keep people on the site longer.

Speak to your reader

Avoid industry jargon and technical language when addressing the reader. No one wants to read an overly formal writing style. Write like you are talking to the actual person reading the page.

Get help with grammar

Using spell check is not enough. We know not everyone’s perfect when it comes to grammar usage, so we suggest using two free tools to stay on track. The first is Grammarly’s free grammar checker. This is an online proofreading tool that checks everything from spelling to punctuation and styling. It will even keep you in check when it comes to plagiarism. The second tool is the Hemmingway Editor. It will help you check the reading level of your copy … because did you know you should be writing for an audience at a seventh-grade reading level? This tool will help you simplify sentences and track adverbs, passive voice, and more.

Thanks for reading our content writing tips. We hope this guides you in the right direction to speak to your audience more clearly. We want you to become an authority on your goods and services, so we hope you’ll use these tips going forward. Best of luck! Need help? Contact Vervocity’s content writers in Quincy, IL to get started today!