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Website Speed

One of the most important considerations for building websites is to make sure they load quickly. It's time for you to optimize your website and save visitors the headache of slow load times!

Is your website’s slow speed affecting your Google ranking? Yes, it is.

It’s a known fact that your website’s page speed is a factor that Google considers when ranking your website. A slow website will also cause your visitors to abandon your website more quickly as they are impatient to wait for a website to load. Visitor abandonment leads to view sales as users are less likely to complete an online purchase or follow through with contacting your business about your services. We recently had a client reach out about their slow website. Within 24 hours, we had the client’s website migrated over to our premium website hosting and security plan. This service placed their website on a better server, resulting is much-improved performance. Click here to check out the before and after results!

Studies have shown that users are likely to leave a website if it hasn’t loaded within 4 seconds. Providing them with a fast experience keeps them interested and engaged. A boost in your Google ranking helps as well! Learn more about our Website Hosting & Security plans!

Here's what results looked like for the client before and after our work.


Is your website painfully slow? Reach out and we'll turn things around for you!

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