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Marine Logistics Tracking & Management

Do your marine logistics processes rely upon a series of paper communications, with repeated data entry, email, and physical mail? Don't these create bottlenecks and clutter?

Marine Logistics is an industry that has relied on many of the same general processes since its inception. Companies that manage the reception, transportation, and delivery of large quantities of products within a greater supply chain stand to become more profitable and more attractive to partner companies by identifying work process inefficiencies and mitigating those inefficiencies with the use of custom technology in the form of computer applications that run on both office desktop computers and mobile devices in the field.

In one such case, our Client had the following requirements for a Custom Application:

  • Manage Vessels
  • Track Fleeting
  • Primary Management Tool for Dispatch Center
  • Dashboard Display
  • Invoice Integration (Integrates with QuickBooks Online)
  • Inventory Maintenance – Empty/Loaded Status
  • Role Permissions (Levels of Access for Employees, Clients, and Partners)
  • Mobile Responsive (Displays Well on Desktop Computers, Tablets, Smartphones)
  • Customizable Interface
  • Optimize Productivity, Efficiency, Profit, and Competitiveness
  • Remove Workflow Bottlenecks from Paper Operations, Data Entry, Email, Phone

Our experienced programmers created a Mobile-Responsive custom application that interacts with the Client’s existing electronic processes, pulling in data pertaining to river traffic and shipment scheduling.

Utilizing a Dashboard Display customized to the Client’s needs, administrators of the program have an omniscient view of all relevant processes, with detailed interfaces for each only a click or a tap away.  Administrators manage Role Permissions for users – whether employees or other partners – and thereby control what information each user can access and what features those users can use.

This “webified” paperless workflow improves efficiency and eliminates clutter.  Digital records are saved, stored, and can be printed upon demand.  This custom application utilizes the information entered by users and drawn seamlessly from other applications, also integrating with QuickBooks to further optimize the invoicing processes.  The improved efficiency of this custom app shows in the Client’s financial statements.

Are you in need of a Custom Programming Solution to Optimize Your Processes?

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