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Digital Asset Management

A common request we see from our clients is an easy way to store, search for, and download photos, documents, graphics, and other digital files.

What they’re looking for are known as DAM (digital asset management) systems. They come in various “flavors” – off-the-shelf, custom, hybrids of the two – and with differing capabilities.

For the budget conscious, off-the-shelf versions provide the rudiments they need.

More commonly our requests are for robust, secure, and flexible systems with specific requirements.

A case in point was a large, national wholesale operation with a variety of vendors, distributors, and customers who all needed access to specific materials.

Our client had several specific requirements:

  • pay vs no-charge: distributors and customers needed to pay for materials they wanted to download or have mailed to them, while vendors had no-charge access to materials
    • payment options, including credits, credit card, ACH payment, invoiced
    • however, distributors and customers also had access to no-charge materials (logos, white papers, etc.) and the system needed to differentiate between those
  • users needed to be able to select how they wanted to access the materials – digital download, emailed, or USPS mail
  • each user needed a unique login that tied to them to a group (distributors, customers, vendors) and provided tiered access within those groups
  • all activity needed to be tracked, and reports on usage easy to generate
  • dashboards for the client’s Administrators to see usage statistics, order levels, and a host of other data
  • must be web-based for 24/7 access
  • must be secure – encrypted and monitored for malware and other malicious activity

Working closely with our client’s in-house project team, we were able to deliver exactly the Digital Asset Management system they requested.

Do you need a DAM solution for your business?

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