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BSA Web App

Do your company-wide processes rely upon a limited internal program that halts progress and growth within your organization? It's time to clear the bottlenecks and clutter!

Boy Scouts of America had an old Microsoft Access program that they used internally to manage the BSA merit badges, leaders, and scouts. They were looking for a web app as opposed to the internal program with limited functionality.

Vervocity Interactive was happy to provide a solution with a solid user experience. We built the BSA web app using PHP, making it easier to add features over time.

Through the web app, the BSA can add campsite areas, councils, troops, summer classes, and everything needed for a summer camp. They can schedule classes and assign instructors and later add scouts to the class.

The BSA can create troop accounts with usernames and passwords and then the troop leaders can add scouts and leaders later for their troop. They can also add the merit badge progress and classes for the scouts.

The app shows days that are available for campsites and then the user can go in and reserve them for a troop or individuals. Users pay online through Stripe to make the reservations. Then the BSA can view all the reservations in the password-protected administration section.

The BSA is able to run reports that help the organization run more smoothly. They pull lists of all the kids in classes and the requirements for completion. As the requirements are completed, it notes the status on the report. Reports can also be pulled for reservations of campgrounds.

Vervocity Interactive’s team proved that we’re able to listen to needs and deliver on functionality and ease of use. We’re proud to have partnered with the BSA on this large project and to have met their requirements for a successful project.

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