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It’s time to optimize your website to ensure that load times are speedy. A rapidly loading website is not only good for the user, but for your overall search engine optimization goals. Did you know that a one second delay means conversions decrease by 7% and page views decrease by 11%? Well, it’s true and…

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Beat Website Hackers - Vervocity Interactive

Sensitive information is transmitted digitally via websites daily and this data can be a tempting target for those with malicious intentions. Protecting your website should be a priority for any business owner … that’s why we’re talking about ways to beat website hackers. The first way to beat website hackers is to keep everything up-to-date.…

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Why You Need Website Support-Vervocity Interactive

Websites have changed so much over the years. They used to be static. You’d create the site and walk away. Today a website is an ever-changing, living entity. It requires your time for security, theme and plugin updates, backups, and much more. Your website is vulnerable to downtime, malicious attacks, and even data loss, so…

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