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Website Accessibility Assessment and Consulting

Vervocity Interactive is proud to provide website ADA Compliance experts. We offer Americans with Disability Act (ADA) consulting services including website compliance planning, accessibility assessment & resolution, and ongoing monitoring. Our ADA assessment and consulting services will help your business or organization meet accessibility criteria and help your website to comply with the local and Federal regulations of Section 508 1194.22.

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1. Initial ADA Conformance Review

Vervocity will scan and review your website and uncover potential issues. A report of the findings will be presented to you and at that time, we’ll recommend a plan of action to make your website more compliant with ADA guidelines.

2. Website ADA Review and Remediation

Once we’ve completed an initial scan and review, we can help repair any problems identified. When we’ve completed these updates to your website we’ll provide a report outlining any upgrades and the new results from automated accessibility scans.  Completing this process is a great first step toward ADA compliance.

3. Ongoing ADA Conformance Monitoring

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are taking steps to prevent threats from ADA-related complaints, audits, and lawsuits when Vervocity performs ongoing monthly or quarterly monitoring of your website’s ADA compliance. We’ll monitor your website for accessibility problems and address issues that are found. Ongoing monitoring is an essential preventative measure toward conformance to accessibility guidelines each month, especially if your website regularly adds new content or receives other updates required for healthy website management.

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