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Video Content Marketing - VCM

Video Content Marketing (VCM) is the strategic use of topical online video featuring niche information that is created to meet the informational wants and needs of your target customers that are searching for answers. VCM builds your company an expert content library to make you the top-of-mind resource in your market or industry.

Interested in our VCM Service?

Are you interested in having consistently-published video and written content on your target customers’ screens?  Fill out our VCM Questionnaire by clicking the button below or call (217) 222-1451 to speak to a VCM Specialist today.

The future of Internet content is video.  Desktop and mobile users prefer it, and website visitors spend 88% more time on websites with video!  Your target customers are searching for information you can provide, and this is an opportunity for you to be there for them in a multimedia format while simultaneously establishing yourself in their minds as trusted expert and resource.

The search engines are always looking for new video and written content that is pertinent to searchers’ needs.  You should help them out by providing this information in a professional format on your website pages, blog posts, YouTube Channel, and other social media feeds.

Rather than interrupting their intended media consumption behavior to promote your product or service, Video Content Marketing positions you so that your information is what the searcher or viewer is seeking.

  • What You Should Be & What You Can Get:
    • Be a Teacher, a trusted expert leveraging your knowledge and expertise
    • Be top-of-mind for your target customers
    • Make your website and brand a resource in the mind of your customers
    • You need a Customer Service Mentality in your marketing. Be helpful and provide answers
  • Features & Format
    • Speaker on Camera, talking to the viewer
    • Several Niche Topic Videos of 1-3 minutes
    • Shot in one day at one video shoot
    • Professionally Edited with Your Company’s Branded Graphics, On-Screen Text, and Music
    • Published regularly over time
    • You get several months of new videos published from a one-day shoot

You need a steady supply of video and written content for your website, social media, and the search engines!  Vervocity Interactive’s VCM Program is the solution.

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