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Digital Advertising Tactics

Vervocity Interactive offer many digital advertising tactics to our clients. We tailor each digital advertising campaign to fit the needs of your business. Tactics utilized will be determined based on the campaign goals and target audience. Multiple tactics may be used in order to reach the highest level of success of the campaign.


When a person visits a website that employs re-targeting, a pixel is attached to that user. After that user leaves your website and continues browsing the web, your ads will be served to that user on other websites in order to get the user to click and return to your website.

Category Targeting

This tactic serves your ads on high quality websites that are geared towards the audience you want to reach. For example, if your target category is sports enthusiasts, your ads may be served on or similar websites.

Audience Targeting

Your ads are served to web users that fit the specific demographics and behaviors that you determine. This tactic can be very specific and tailored to the audience you want to reach. For example, you can be so specific you can target left-handed yoga teachers living in Illinois.

Keyword Targeting

Keywords related to your products or services are used to serve ads to users on web pages that contain the keywords you are targeting. For example, a bank may want to target first time home buyers, so they would serve ads on web pages that include content about “buying a home.”

IP Targeting

IP targeting works by matching IP addresses of desktops and laptops to physical locations. A mailing list can be provided or purchased, and your ads can be served to all the IP addresses at those physical locations.


Geofencing uses GPS and RFID to allow advertisers to serve their ads to specific geographic locations. Your ads are served to all mobile devices at the locations you define.


With this tactic, your video ad is displayed to users prior to the video content they have selected to watch. These videos ads can not be skipped and are usually in the format of 15 seconds or less. Your ad will be served to users based on the demographics or behaviors defined in your campaign.

Over The Top (OTT)

OTT refers to video ads that are served to users watching streaming content on smart TVs and streaming applications. Your ad should be 30 seconds. OTT can only target users based on the basic demos of gender, age, and income.

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