You might be wondering if there’s a connection between PPC and SEO. You’ve been using one or the other to catapult the success of your business for some time now, but would they work better together?

First things first, let’s talk about SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of getting traffic from organic search results on search engines. Your SEO efforts are helping Google and other search engines understand your website better and in turn deliver more website visitors to take in your high-quality content.

Next, let’s discuss PPC. PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is the process of paying for visits to your website rather than attempting to earn them organically. PPC works like an auction. You place bids on keywords and keyword phrases that your target audience might type into a search engine to look for your business and you only pay for the service when an ad is clicked.

So ultimately, your site’s organic ranking does not affect your PPC ads and your PPC ads don’t affect your organic ranking. Both are separate entities, but together they can positively impact your digital marketing success. Let’s talk about making them work together!

PPC and SEO together can give you a better chance of appearing on page one of search results. Organically you’ll appear in one of the spots mid-page, but with a paid spot, you’ll be at the tip-top of the page and are sure to be noticed.

PPC can be used to test for new SEO keywords. A successful PPC ad can signify a gap to be filled with SEO. Pick a keyword phrase that has a chance to rank highly and purchase PPC advertising for it. Monitor your results to see how your website performs. If the campaign falls flat, you may want to avoid SEO for this phrase.

Together, PPC and SEO can provide more data for better decision-making. Examine metrics including click-through rate, bounce rates, time on site, and conversion rates to determine which keyword phrases are most effective when it comes to selling your goods or services. Alone they are powerful resources, but together they are double the data.

While you may have gained a visitor or lead from SEO, take it one step further with a form of PPC called retargeting. Let’s say the lead read your blog, searched your products for sale, or even put items in their shopping cart. Well, it’s their prerogative to walk away to think about it before purchasing, but that’s where you can lure them back in with the retargeting campaign. The initial visit to the website plants a cookie in their web browser that allows you to serve your PPC ads to them no matter where they go in an effort to convince them to return to your website and finish the buy. Without PPC they will just move on and forget about you.

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