I was recently promoted to serve as U.S. Paint’s Director of Sales. As the Director, in addition to managing and growing the sales and profitability of our company, my responsibilities now included that of Marketing. Although I had worked in new business development for the last 10 years, I had no other relative Marketing experience, only a degree in Business Admin, and no real experience marketing within social media.

I knew our website was outdated and not generating the kind of leads we needed to grow our business. I also had an inkling that our online presence was not strong among our target audience. After some research and inquiry, I spoke with a friend that was associated and experienced with web development and with Vervocity, and she recommended them to me for website development. After meeting with the team and learning what they would be able to do for us, we quickly contracted with them to rebuild our website, subsequent marketing tools, and to help develop our online marketing presence.

I knew that navigating this task was going to be tough, as I was not even sure how to communicate exactly what it was, that I wanted to accomplish. But, after meeting the team at Vervocity, it quickly became clear that they would work to understand our business and understand what we were missing. They ultimately made this daunting task relatively easy for me. They guided me through the website development process, proposing various and imaginative themes, media, and ideas, every step of the way extracting valuable input from me and my team and turning it into a great representation of U.S. Paint.

We are very proud of the result. We continue to receive compliments on our site and media pages from our customers and peers. Our lead generation is much greater and better targeted. We now have the tools to make impressive and impactful introductions of our company.We are present within social media and creating a following where we previously had zero presence. We certainly could not have done this on our own, and we are grateful to have found Vervocity. Their hard-work and dedication to learning our business, learning our targets and goals, and presenting and building the tools to help us reach our targets, has been invaluable.

Additionally, since hiring Vervocity to help manage our Marketing and online presence, we are seeing traffic and returns many times over that which we had previously. If you’re looking to “spice up” your site or your business’ online and market presence, I highly recommend that you talk to the great team at Vervocity.

- Ryan Luter, Director of Sales

U.S. Paint

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