The Community Foundation has been part of the Quincy community since 1997, and their previous logo carried a legacy that served them well over the years. However, they have since grown as the Community Foundation Serving West Central Illinois & Northeast Missouri and needed new branding that better reflected their modern role.

They first approached Vervocity with a vision for a modernized logo and brand identity. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, we created various concepts that symbolically and visually represent the Community Foundation’s geographical reach and community impact. Their 


The creative process began with a deep dive into understanding their core values, target audience, and the essence they wanted the new logo to convey. Our main goal was to modernize the logo while taking inspiration from the original design that their audience would recognize. We stayed within the original color families and used shades that are modern yet familiar to their brand. Our designers also used new fonts to complement the design and improve readability across digital and print mediums.

After listening to feedback and making changes, we created two final versions of the logo with an updated, modern tree and river graphic icon. The main variant is streamlined and universal for use in various applications. The second variant includes their geographical service locations to call out the regions they serve. Both versions subtly reference their legacy while offering modern familiarity and room for growth.