Are friends and family asking, “What do you want for Christmas?” If so, consider embracing Pinterest!

The social media experts at Vervocity love managing Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms for our clients. We have fun making businesses stand out and engage in a profitable way online. We also like to share our knowledge to help individuals and businesses grow in our online community!

Christmas gives us the perfect opportunity to discuss Pinterest with you. Sure, you know how to surf Pinterest for cool stuff to pin to your “Dream Home” Board, but let’s take it a step further!

For the individual or family

The days of circling Christmas gift ideas in the Sears Roebuck & Co. catalog (come on … you know what we’re talking about) is not over, they’ve just changed with the times. The idea was that you could find out what the kids were into without taking them shopping for their own gifts. Parents would skim through the catalog and make an educated decision on each present.

Today we have the Internet, so we should use it! Take Pinterest for example. Create a Pinterest board, either public or private, and call it “Gift Ideas”. This becomes a place to save all your ideas in one place. You can email or text a family member the URL to your “Gift Ideas” Board and suddenly they know exactly what you want for Christmas.

For the business owner

Pinterest gives you the perfect opportunity to increase sales ahead of Christmas. Now that you know people are pinning gift ideas create a free Pinterest account for your business and take advantage of the interest. Pin your products and include a photo of each item, a detailed description, the price and either a link to purchase it online or contact information so they will call to make their purchase. Organize your pins into categories or Pinterest boards.

“Consider your Pinterest account a social catalog and money-maker,”

~ Digital Marketing Specialist Michelle Schuckman

Pinterest took its social network one step further in 2015 with Promoted Pins. Businesses can pay to have a pin seen by more people or prospective customers. Promoted Pins are so new that not everyone has them yet. If you’re logged into your account and don’t see the option, join the waitlist and hang in there!

If you have a product to sell, Christmas is a great time to spend a little money on social media paid ads to ensure your website and products are being seen by a specific audience. You can target potential buyers by age group, gender and more. Let’s say you sell women’s scarves. Target your Promoted Pins to women aged 18 to 50 (or whomever you feel best fits).

Life is not just about Facebook and e-commerce websites. We hope that this Pinterest information helps you think outside the box and either bring in more revenue or get the exact Christmas present you’ve been wanting! Happy pinning!