Let’s Get Digital this week with our next employee spotlight – Conner Kelty. Our Let’s Get Digital segment features staff members from different departments around the office. Teamwork makes the dream work, and our employees know how to get the job done!

Conner began interning at Vervocity in 2017 and became a full-time member of the team in 2020. His mobile app projects have improved the safety, user experience, and operational processes for many of our clients.

Let’s explore Conner’s passion for custom programming and discover what it means to be an application developer.

1. How would you describe application development?

I would describe application development as challenging at times but very rewarding once you get to see the final project used by others in everyday life. I believe application development focuses on these five major items: formulating workflows & development, design, testing, maintenance, and staying in close communication with the client.

2. What are some common reasons that our clients choose to invest in a mobile app?

Clients are typically interested in a mobile app because it increases and enhances the functionality of their current content and accessibility for users. Additionally, it could provide new possibilities that simply can’t be done without mobile use, such as push notifications for better user reach, offline access, device hardware like GPS or camera, and many more.

3. What is your process for clients when it comes to developing a mobile app that is unique to their goals?

First, we meet with clients to discuss their business needs. We use the information they provide to create a mock up for review. After finalizing the design and working out the flow, development starts. We consistently provide updates throughout development. Once everything is complete and approved, we start the release process. Maintenance continues after release to ensure proper functionality.

4. How do you approach problem-solving when you encounter a roadblock during app development?

Researching the issue is usually my go-to for problem-solving code level issues. Verbalizing the issue (such as using others to bounce ideas around or simply talking about it out loud) can also help tremendously. If it has to do with flow or user interface (UI) of a project, I go to drawing it out. If I can visualize it, I usually can understand it.

5. What other types of custom programming or application development projects have you worked on?

Outside of Vervocity, in college I created an app for Quincy University called QUtransit. The app tracked the school’s shuttle buses so students would know when buses would arrive and where they were. I utilized formulas to calculate estimated arrival times as well as databases to quickly store this information and handle user device information.

6. What does an average workday look like for you?

My day usually starts with going through initial emails, updating project times, and making daily to-do lists. Next, I’ll dive into the projects I’m working on, which typically varies week to week. After lunch, I will do any needed code reviews or quality updates. The remainder of my day is used to continue working on the more challenging part of projects.

7. What do you like most about working at Vervocity?

Being able to work with a wide array of projects and clients makes every project exciting and always changing. Also, because of all the services Vervocity offers, everyone has their own skills and experiences, helping me to learn new and interesting things about other areas.

8. What advice would you give to someone interested in programming and/or mobile app development?

Start off by researching and talking with others in the particular area that you interested in. Next, dive into making personal projects. Mostly everything you learn can be built on each other, so once you learn one thing, it’s easier to learn another.

For me, I found a love for mobile app development early on. Through those experiences I grew confidence, creating the stepping stones necessary to make other areas of programming understandable and more interesting.

9. What is a fun fact about yourself not related to Vervocity?

My fiancé and I do Crossfit competitions together as well as run. I’ve completed a half marathon and hope to do a full marathon soon!

10. What would you say to potential clients considering a mobile app?

We’ll work with you to discuss your business needs and help decide if a mobile app will accomplish a solution to your needs. Whether you are interested in a public facing app to expand and connect with users and customers or a private app to enhance your company workflows, we provide the tools that a business needs to grow. We can increase efficiency through a mobile app while representing your brand through beautiful design.

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