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Pinterest is the new Christmas catalog

By Vervocity Interactive | November 3, 2017
Pinterest is the New Christmas Catalog-Vervocity Interactive

Are friends and family asking, “What do you want for Christmas?” If so, consider embracing Pinterest! The social media experts at Vervocity Interactive love managing Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts for our clients. We have fun making businesses stand out and engage in a profitable way online. We also like to share our…

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Gain Newsletter Signups from Facebook

By Vervocity Interactive | September 15, 2017
Gain Facebook Newsletter Signups-Vervocity Interactive

Hopefully, you’re sending out email newsletters, email specials, and more to email subscribers monthly. At this point, it’s a matter of growing that audience with qualified leads. You want people that might be interested in buying your products or services to value your emails. Why not try to convert some of your Facebook followers to…

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7 Tips to Pick the Right Domain for my Business

By Vervocity Interactive | September 6, 2017
Pick the Right Domain for my Business-Vervocity

Starting a website for your business is a big step, it can help you gain additional revenue and promote better brand recognition. Before you design your website, you should spend a reasonable amount of time picking your domain name. Here are a couple of tips to help you come up with a domain that’s easy…

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Pinterest for Business

By Vervocity Interactive | August 18, 2017
Pinterest for Business-Vervocity Interactive

Pinterest continues to grow, becoming more and more helpful to businesses looking to make an impact on social media. There are more than 150 million active users and millennials tend to use Pinterest just as much as Instagram. While it’s demographic is 81 percent female, Pinterest still lends itself to getting the word out about…

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Social media tips for the time-crunch

By Vervocity Interactive | July 12, 2017
Social Media Tips-Vervocity Interactive

We realize if you don’t know a lot about social media it may be a real pain to maintain yourself. If you’re stressing out about your social media accounts, you’re probably overthinking how easy it can be! You may think that you need a social media team to accomplish what your business needs to succeed,…

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What is pay-per-click (PPC)?

By Vervocity Interactive | June 7, 2017
What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)-Vervocity Interactive

Pay-per-click is a form of digital marketing where you have to pay for the advertisement every time someone clicks on it. It’s a way to pay for more people to visit your site, rather than people just finding your site. The most popular form of PPC is search engine advertising. Search engine advertising is when…

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Grow your Instagram followers

By Vervocity Interactive | May 18, 2017
Grow Your Instagram Followers-Vervocity Interactive

Trying to grow your Instagram followers? We hear ya! There’s no better place to show your personality and show off your expertise. It’s time to get to know Instagram better and really grow your number of followers and customer conversions. Try putting the following techniques into action to get real results. Like other people’s photos.…

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What is Facebook Live and Should I be Utilizing it?

By Vervocity Interactive | May 3, 2017
What is Facebook Live-Vervocity Interactive

Have you ever been to an event and wanted to show your Facebook friends what was happening, but knew that pictures wouldn’t do it justice? Your problems are solved! Facebook Live is a new addition to Facebook’s numerous platforms of sharing. The purpose is to be able to show your friends what you are doing…

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Develop an SEO strategy

By Vervocity Interactive | April 20, 2017
Develop an SEO Strategy-Vervocity Interactive

It is very important to understand search engine optimization (SEO) basics and how they can affect the success of your business. Many businesses and organizations just feel their way through SEO and take their chances that a technique is working, but we’ve decided to take away the guesswork. Take a look at the following four…

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Check out these 3 WordPress plugins

By Vervocity Interactive | March 16, 2017
Check Out These 3 WordPress Plugins-Vervocity Interactive

There are nearly 50,000 plugins available to WordPress Users. As website developers, we have tried quite a few and continue to explore options that are out there. There are some really great free plugins out there, but some paid options deserve a second glance. In this blog we decided to showcase a free SEO plugin…

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