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There’s a chance you could get verified on Instagram

By Vervocity Interactive | August 30, 2018
Verified on Instagram-Vervocity Interactive

There’s a new development over at Instagram. Where it used to be close to impossible to get verified, you now have a slight chance. Instagram used to verify larger, more established accounts belonging to public figures, brands, and celebrities when no one was looking. There was no way to request verification … it would just…

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Going without SSL will come back to bite you

By Vervocity Interactive | June 25, 2018
NotSecure3-Vervocity Interactive

Time is running out to add SSL before July so your visitors won’t see a Google Chrome “Not secure” warning! There are good reasons to use SSL on your website. It enables the HTTP Secure, or HTTPS, connection of your website to encrypt all data being sent between browsers and servers thus keeping your visitors safe.…

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Improving website load speed

By Vervocity Interactive | June 13, 2018
Speed Progress Bar Icon Technology Concept

It’s time to optimize your website to ensure that load times are speedy. A rapidly loading website is not only good for the user, but for your overall search engine optimization goals. Did you know that a one second delay means conversions decrease by 7% and page views decrease by 11%? Well, it’s true and…

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Monitor your SEO ranking

By Vervocity Interactive | May 31, 2018
SEO Specialists-Vervocity Interactive

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is not about searching for your business name and seeing where you rank. It’s more about where you rank for keyword phrases that your visitors are searching and finding your website with. You can’t just go to your browser and search for keyword phrases and see where you rank organically.…

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Cool, free graphics with Canva in 4 steps

By Vervocity Interactive | May 17, 2018
GraphicDesign-Vervocity Interactive

It’s time to learn how to create your own social media graphics for free using Canva. You’ve seen other accounts posting interesting and catchy graphics for some time now, but you just don’t have that many images to work with. You don’t know how to put text on top of a picture let alone use…

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A Safer Web Experience With HTTPS

By Vervocity Interactive | March 8, 2018
Why You Need Website Support-Vervocity Interactive

You’ve seen http and https in front of URLs and you’re probably wondering what that means. HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol and HTTPS is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. The latter is a good thing. Network administrators decided to use HTTP to exchange online information, but intercepting data was too easy. People can also send bad…

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Improve Your PPC Landing Pages to Impact Your Quality Score

By Vervocity Interactive | February 26, 2018
Improve PPC Landing Pages - Vervocity Interactive

If you have any experience with pay per click advertising, or PPC, you’ve probably heard about your quality score. This PPC quality score is Google’s rating of the expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. This score determines your cost per click (CPC) and is multiplied by your maximum bid to determine your…

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Where PPC and SEO Come Together

By Vervocity Interactive | February 22, 2018
Where PPC and SEO Come Together - Vervocity Interactive

You might be wondering if there’s a connection between PPC and SEO. You’ve been using one or the other to catapult the success of your business for some time now, but would they work better together? First things first, let’s talk about SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of getting traffic from…

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Common SEO Mistakes

By Vervocity Interactive | February 14, 2018
Search Engine Optimization Quincy, IL - Vervocity Interactive

Search engine optimization should play a large role in your marketing strategy. Is your website merely in existence, or is it actively working for you through the implementation of SEO tactics? Search engines are trying to return the most appropriate search results to users and your content should be supercharged and meaningful to gain their…

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Beat Website Hackers

By Vervocity Interactive | February 7, 2018
Beat Website Hackers - Vervocity Interactive

Sensitive information is transmitted digitally via websites daily and this data can be a tempting target for those with malicious intentions. Protecting your website should be a priority for any business owner … that’s why we’re talking about ways to beat website hackers. The first way to beat website hackers is to keep everything up-to-date.…

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