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Americans with Disabilities Act and the positive impact on Search Engine Optimization

By Vervocity Interactive | June 27, 2019
Americans with Disabilities Act and SEO-Vervocity Interactive

What is the ADA? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law, established in 1990. It’s a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the public. (Source: National Network ADA) This…

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Your website needs video

By Vervocity Interactive | May 23, 2019
video on a website

You need video on your website. Eighty-seven percent of online marketers use video content and it’s time for you to join them. The transition from text to video content has happened fast and businesses who don’t join in will be left with an underperforming website. Video content is more memorable to consumers. It is convenient…

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Can I just change the theme on my WordPress site?

By Vervocity Interactive | May 15, 2019
Changing the Theme on WordPress-Vervocity Interactive

So you’re getting bored with your current website and you see that there are new and different WordPress themes out there that look like so much more fun. We here to say, “Hold on there!” Before flipping the switch on a new theme, take some time to do some research and planning. The first thing…

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Enhance the effectiveness of visual content

By Vervocity Interactive | April 26, 2019
Hot pepper representing hot visual content

It’s hard to miss the growth of sites and services that rely on the visual experience in their marketing efforts. Many brands rely on pretty pictures to tell stories and attract visitors. It’s a fact that images get much more engagement on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Even new platforms such as TikTok have…

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How Often Do You Need a New Website?

By Vervocity Interactive | April 19, 2019
How Often Do You Need a New Website-Vervocity

You have the website of your dreams, your sales are increasing, and you’re getting more and more website visitors as the weeks pass. Now, how long can you keep that design while continuously seeing progression on your site? Keep reading to find out what some of the Vervocity Interactive team suggests! “Usually websites get stale…

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Improve engagement with better contact forms

By Vervocity Interactive | March 28, 2019
Man holding smartphone with contact form on website

Contact forms are handy tools commonly found on websites. You can use contact forms to receive feedback, questions about your business, service or information requests, and more. The nice thing about a contact form is that it reduces spam, controls the information you’d like to receive from the consumer, and keeps information consistent to help…

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Feeling the site migration pinch

By Vervocity Interactive | January 24, 2019
website migration

If your website is undergoing substantial changes in areas that affect search engine visibility – like the change to a new CMS or changing hosting providers – you are undergoing a site migration. Any site migration can go wrong and Vervocity Interactive is here to make things right. Let’s discuss taking the right steps. Make…

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Grow your email list in 2019

By Vervocity Interactive | January 16, 2019
e-mail on smartphone

Your marketing efforts can be maximized by building your email list over time. Over time is the key phrase here. Email lists don’t just come to you … they must be built and that takes time. It’s time to start building in 2019! Ensure current clients are on your list. If you collect email addresses…

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Marketing is worth your time and money

By Vervocity Interactive | December 7, 2018
Marketing concept on white plate with fork and knife on red napkins

If you don’t consider marketing a strategic part of the overall business plan, prepare to be left in your competitor’s dust. Ultimately marketing is the first step to building revenue. Your pockets will remain empty if you choose not to fill others in on what makes your business tick. It can feel like your business…

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Your website needs a call-to-action

By Vervocity Interactive | October 26, 2018
Call to action

Does your website have an effective call-to-action (CTA)? A CTA is a piece of content or a request intended to induce a viewer or reader to perform a specific act. That act might be for them to call you for more information, to send an email, to fill out a form, to make a purchase,…

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