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You need a website (or a better one)

By Vervocity Interactive | December 13, 2019
You need a website (or a better one)-Vervocity Interactive

Do you have a neglected website? Are you dragging your feet when it comes to even having a website in the first place? Don’t be scared to take action! Customers expect to find you online. They don’t stop shopping when businesses are closed. In fact, sometimes that’s when they START shopping! Beyond finding information about…

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5 web design movements to watch in 2020

By Vervocity Interactive | November 21, 2019

Each year we see website design trends that come to dominate the scene. The internet has grown and changed a lot over the years and we’ve more recently seen the reign of mobile and the introduction of AR, AI, AMP, and more into our vocabulary. We really see and feel these changes in web design…

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Is your website being seen?

By Vervocity Interactive | November 14, 2019
Is your Website Being Seen?-Vervocity Interactive

Getting good placement in Google search is tough. You should aspire for page one of results, but that might take some work. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your website is being seen. Let’s take a look! Google My Business Don’t forget to link your site to your Google My…

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What Is “Custom Programming” Anyway?

By Vervocity Interactive | October 31, 2019
Spreadsheet Document custom programming project

We talk a lot about custom programming. So much so, in fact, that we’ll sometimes take for granted that the term “custom programming” isn’t exactly a familiar one. And if we’re just glossing right over the definition and what it entails, frankly that’s not going to help you achieve your business goals any more than…

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Brand awareness can create your competitive edge

By Vervocity Interactive | October 24, 2019
banner with the word branding cutout

It’s difficult to stand out and command consumer attention these days. Today’s consumers have nearly unlimited options for where they choose to focus their time and attention and you have to fight for top rung. Even when they’re engaged in one activity, they’re also usually multi-tasking with another device and are exposed to multiple brands.…

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Is geofencing right for my business?

By Vervocity Interactive | October 10, 2019
geofenced locations on a map

Geofencing is a great tool for digital advertising in specific circumstances but is not effective in EVERY situation. The goal for digital advertising is not just to reach the right person, but to reach a large number of the right person. To geofence a small store, restaurant, etc. is not an effective use of the…

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Five ways to make great video content for your company

By Vervocity Interactive | September 25, 2019
View of a screen while video editing

Speaking strictly in terms of accessibility, it’s easier than ever to not only produce a video, but get it in front of a large audience. But just like any other digital medium, there’s a way to do it … and there’s a way to do it well. And we want your videos to truly accent…

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That free hosting service might be costing you more than you think

By Vervocity Interactive | September 18, 2019
Laptop Screen with Hosting Concept.

Let’s be honest here; picking a service to host your website is not exactly the most fun part of the process. It’s pretty boring actually. And it’s not like anyone is going to see it or even know the difference anyway. So if no one is going to see it and no one is going…

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Five things we do really well at Vervocity (that you probably didn’t know about)

By Vervocity Interactive | August 27, 2019
two people planning using a computer

You’ll often hear us talking about how important it is to make sure your clients know what you do and how well you do it. If your customers don’t know about all of the services you offer, they probably won’t be customers for long. And I hate to tell you this, but it’s not on…

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Your site’s SECOND most important page isn’t what you might think

By Vervocity Interactive | August 20, 2019
a map of the pages on your website

It shouldn’t come as a HUGE surprise that your homepage is, by far, the most important page on your site. What might not be as glaringly obvious is the page we consider to be your site’s SECOND most important: your FAQ page. Consider this: How many times are your employees answering the same questions over…

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